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2 Eyes for Understanding

A Daddy Such as You

All Aboard

A Matter of Faith

Angels are Shouting


Are You in a Hurry?

As a Hart

Blessed are the Meek

Building Tomorrow

Christ has Come Again


Drops of Water Falling

Fight On, Fight On

Fire = Truth


Following God's Law

For You, For Me

God Above

God Let Me Love You

God Sees You

God We Need Your Power

God You are My One and Only

God You Are the Best

God's Morning Sky

Have You Ever Wanted

Have Your Way in Our Lives

Have Your Way in Our Lives (Stereo)

Have You Seen HIm

He's Back, He's Back

Hear O Israel

How Can Your Words

Hurts, Hates, Greeds and Lust

I AM is Your God

I Come to You My God

I Met a Man in the Morning

I Reached Out My Hand

It's Time to Forgive Them

I Want My Life Hid in You

I Want to Grow on Up God

I'm Dead on My Feet

I've Been Looking

Is Heaven Way Off in the Sky?

It Takes a Little Time

It's a Spiritual Thing

It's Time to Come Home Now

It's Time to Learn to Fly

Jah, Praise Jah

Let Me be Part of Your Dream

Life Giving Seeds

Like the Wind Lifts a Kite

Lines that Rhyme

Little Child

Loruhamah No More

Lover of My Soul

My Peace I Give to You

My True Love is Calling Me


Oh God be my Vision

One Mind at a Time

Open up the Door

Paul's Song


Plant Me as a Tree

Praise God for the Moment

Questions are Answered

Reflections of Eternity

Search Me, Oh God

Seein's Not Believin'

Set the Living Bird Free

Sinners Because We Sin

Softly Gently

Standing by Your Side

Sweet God

Sweetie Pie God

Swept Away

Thank You God for Breath

The Power

The Sign of the Leaves

The Weight of the World

The Whole Creation

Trust in the Lord

Welcome Home

Wells Without Water

When a Soul is in Need

When I was Young

When the Spirits of Heaven

When Yesterday is Passed

Wining the Battle Against Evil

Work in the Spirit

You Can Be an Angel

You Live Forever